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tampa, fl, usa
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brie is an interdisciplinary designer
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design strengths:
information architecture, graphic interfaces, wireframing, prototyping, ecosystem mapping, service blueprinting, experience mapping, iterative design, & client presentations
Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Google Suite, Webflow, Microsoft Office Suite, DaVinci Resolve, Keynote
photography, painting, scultping, playing video games, making playlists, creative writing, community theater (on & off stage)
● SCAD 2022 MFA
Service Design
● USF 2012 BA
Sociology & Gender Studies
Design science, constructive design, human computer interaction, complex adaptive systems, immersive or mixed reality, dramaturgy, user interface design, future studies, non-hierarchal organizational structures, change management, self-presentation, interviews, ethnographies, & surveys
brie is an interdisciplinary creative
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about me:
Hi. I'm Brie and welcome to my corner of the internet.

This started as my MFA portfolio and is now my Webflow playground so I can practice coding.

I read, watch, and listen to things that bore others.

I take complex ideas or information and (try to) communicate them in interesting ways.

I enjoy blending the past with the future and trying to make the intangible, tangible.
who i'd like to work with:
Cats, lol. No but seriously.

I want to work with people who practice compassion daily, not just with others, but with themselves.
brie's blurbs
brie nestler has 13 years of work experience