Pre 2020

First personal logo from early 2019
* Squarespace template
* No screenshots (probably for the best)
Second personal logo from late 2019
*Squarespace template (again)
*Some assets saved, like the MySCAD phone

2020 Redesign

While I evolved as a designer, I decided it was time to “re-brand” as they say. (Now that phrase icks me out).

I struggled a lot with how to best visualize who I was as a researcher and designer. Especially because I made the impulsive decision to make it in Webflow from scratch instead of a drag and drop website builder.

I prioritized accessibility from the beginning of planning, consistently checking visual contrast, microinteractions, and minimal visualizations.
I played with different colors, layouts, themes, and ways to present my projects.

Finally I developed a system that communicated complexity, but stayed on top of detailed simplicity.

Testing my technical capabilities while simultaneously sketching ideas helped realize what was feasible.

In Figma I played with layouts and higher fidelity wireframes to see what looked good before doing the work in Webflow.I played with different colors, layouts, themes, and ways to present my projects.

The problem with this system however, was the implementation into Webflow from Figma.

Much of the interactions I designed in Figma were beyond my skill level.

At this point I became really frustratd and abandoned the project over the holidays.

2021 - Last Iteration

I finally got really overwhelmed with trying to design a system that was for everyone, but me.

So I stripped it all away and went with a brutalist approach.

I would ask myself "what is the information I need to tell people and what is most the minimalist way to communicate it?".

I embraced my alien nature as a neurodrivergent person and did something kind of risky by putting aliens all over my website.

Brie Nestler

is a designer

Since visuals were completely simplified, most of my time was spent on the information architecture of the the site.

Microinteractions are used to provide feedback on a text based site.

While graphics are used sparingly, they are used intentionally for emphasis.

I know it is too text heavy, recently I started recording audio for each page to embedded like an audiobook or podcast.

Users of the site will be able to listen to me talk about the project, while looking at the visuals that are utilized.